At The Lord's Church, we look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better. Our church meets regularly each Sunday, with four main services: 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm. We welcome you to come and visit us for any of these three services.

We have provided the following information to assist in answering any questions relating to The Lord's Church. If there are further questions that are not answered here directly, please contact us by phone or email, and we will be happy to answer any questions we can.

Guest Reception

Each Sunday at The Lord's Church we host a guest reception in the church foyer for our visitors and guests. This is a great time for visitors to meet our church leadership and staff, and for us to answer any questions you may have about the church. Please feel free to stop by after the main service, enjoy some coffee or tea and refreshments, and allow us the privilege of getting to know you and answering any questions you may have.

New Member Meetings

Visitors and guests are welcome to consider membership at The Lord's Church.

To become a member of The Lord's Church, you must be a professing believer in the Lord Jesus Christ The Lord's Church offers a New Members class that meets every Sunday at 3:00 pm for six consecutive weeks. This class explains our church vision and ministry, so that you can better understand who we are as a church and what we believe. The New Members class is a great opportunity to meet others, and offers times of fellowship with our church leadership and staff after each session.

Each week for six consecutive weeks, the New Members course covers one
of the following areas relating to church membership.

What is church, from a Biblical perspective? The church is the called-out assembly of believers in Jesus. This week examines the essential core aspects of what comprises the church.
Message I, II
Christianity is a message. In this teaching, we examine the message of the church. Christianity is more than a way of life. The gospel of Christ is a message that must be heard, understood, believed and lived out practically.
Mission I, II
God calls us as Christians out of the world to save us. He then equips and trains us as His church to go back into the world as His witnesses. In this teaching, we examine the spiritual mission of the church.
Christianity is more than nominal faith. Faith in Christ involves a fundamental shift in our basic world view. As disciples of Jesus, the values of Christ and His kingdom become our own values.

How do I Register to become a Member?

If you are interested in finding out how to register as a member of The Lord's Church, please talk to one of our ushers or staff. They will provide you with a registration form, which you will need to fill out and return to them. One of our New Members team leaders will contact you to assist you with information in joining the six-week New Member meetings.


The New Testament word for baptize is baptizo,

which means to fully immerse or submerge in water. The Bible teaches that water baptism is an outward testimony or sign of an inward faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord's Church offers baptism services several times throughout the year. At The Lord's Church, we believe in and practice believer's baptism, in accordance with the scriptures.

To quality as a candidate for baptism at The Lord's Church, you must be a professing believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and evidence a willingness to live a lifestyle of a follower of Jesus. A candidate for baptism must be registered as a member of The Lord's Church, and to have attended the church for a minimum of six months. If you would like more information about our baptism services, please let us know.