Crucified With Christ (Korean)

Scott Brenner & Levites Levites Awakening
Verse 1
주의 자비 내 눈 여셨네
Once I was blind, You've opened my eyes
죄에 빠진 날 찾으셨네
Lost in my sin, Your mercy found me
이전의 낙 구하지 않네
All I once loved, I now count as loss
예수 내 모든 것
Jesus my all in all

내가 그리스도와 함께
I have been crucified with Christ
십자가에 못 박혔으니
It is no longer I who live
나 사는 것 아니요
But Christ in me lived in me
주께서 삶이라
Christ in me lives in me

Verse 2
내 죄 치르신 주의 십자가
You carried the cross, You paid for my sin
주의 영광 내게 보이셨네
Despising the shame, revealing Your glory
십자가 지고 예수 따르리
I'll carry the cross, I'll count You as friend
예수 내 모든 것
Jesus my all in all

주 위해 살리
Now that I've seen You
이제 나 주를 뵈었으니
Now that You've shown me who You are
주 따르리 끝까지
I'll follow You, live for You

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