Busan HOLY KIDS 6~12Y

Worship Time

11:00 am
Education Hall

Oh, taste and see that the LORD Is good; Blessed Is the man who trusts in Him! Ps. 34:8

'Holy kids who have tasted the Kingdom of God.'

"Holy Kids" is a community of the next generation who want to live as holy children of the kingdom of God and as Jesus’ disciples. We are the education department that teaches this young generation, who have been influenced by worldly values through corrupted media, with the values and standards founded in the Bible.

The direction of Holy kids ministry and education

01. ‘Holy kids who have tasted the Kingdom of God.’
Children should know who God is, what Jesus did for us and that Jesus is working in our lives the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Our worship is led by the Holy Spirit’s anointing and the revelation of the word. The ministry of ”Holy Kids” is to lead the children to Jesus so that they will be changed by encountering God in person, through the worship service.
02. From meeting Jesus to becoming Jesus’ disciples
Our focus, as holy children, is to live as disciples of Jesus. Beyond just digesting a program, children are learning to be real disciples of Jesus Christ, and walking with Him in their lives. We help children to form their personality and values from a young age based on the Bible. Resembling Jesus’ character is not done through force but by obedience which is carried out in action.
03. To know God’s word, that it is exclusive and the truth, and to bear fruit by living His word out in our lives.
Children will learn how to apply the lessons of the Bible stories and the biblical characters not just by listening to them, but by knowing what they mean. We have time to pray and think about how to apply the biblical teachings and how to respond to them rightly. We are teaching children that the Bible is God‘s word and is absolutely true. Most of all, we are helping children to eat and drink of Jesus through studying the Bible.
04. Praying in the heart of God
We are encouraging children to pray for other friends and other souls more than praying for their own needs. We pray that there will be increase in the children who spend time with the Holy Spirit, who bear the heart of God and pray for the Kingdom of God.
05. Children with passion for spreading the good news of the Gospel
lf they have the same mind that God has for the lost souls, then, even though they are little children, they will voluntarily endeavor to turning their friends' hearts to Jesus. We teach and equip children to be prepared to introduce Jesus to their friends. Also, we teach and look after the children so that they may be the generation that waits for the returning of the Lord with a pure heart.
06. Prayer for the teachers to be devoted and filled with the Holy Spirit
The teachers of "Holy Kids" are not just merely teaching and transferring knowledge, but they are guiding children to grow as the disciples of Jesus by building a personal relationship with them. We mind our every word and even our face expressions when caring for and helping the children to draw near to Jesus. We are working in healthy relationships with the children by praying for their spiritual condition and spiritual needs.