Scars Of Love

Scott Brenner & Levites Levites Intimacy
Verse 1
Lest I forget the tears of sorrow that You shed
Lest I forget the pain You bore
Scars to remind me of the heartache of the cross
Thorny reminders of Your love
Lest I forget the hour of darkness You endured
Lest I forget the price You paid
The marks of perfect love upon Your hands and side
Scars to remind me of Your heart
What kind of love is this to give Your life away?
You came to die that I may live

I desire You
I belong to You
Draw me near to You
My heart is Yours alone

Verse 2
Nothing to hide, You came to show Your Father’s heart
Heavenly love revealed to us
Nothing to hide, the veil was torn that I may see
The sinless Lamb, our gentle King

Nothing to lose except these chains that kept me bound
Nothing to lose except my sin
All that I once held dear, I count it now as loss
I’ve seen the glory of Your love
I’m not ashamed to say that You are my desire
I’ll live for You with all my heart

Scars of love remind me of Your heart
Scars of love remind me of Your heart

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