Scott Brenner & Levites Levites Life
Verse 1
Heads up, hold your head high
Don’t look down, you can reach the sky
It’s your call, your choice
Nobody else can stop your voice, if - you know, you’re free
Take your stand, and don’t look down again

Verse 2
They thought they could shut you out
Pull themselves up, as they shoot you down
You’re free, it doesn’t matter what they think
Just know who you are, and know who you wanna be
I know who I am, and know who I wanna be

Verse 3
Real love, it doesn’t come cheap
It flows in your veins as a river runs deep
You’re so high, so free, somewhere between the wants and the needs
You’ll find out, the key
You’ve got your flaws, but they won’t stop your destiny

I’m on my way, I’ve flown the cage
I’ve found my wings, soaring on the sky
So free, so high, I’m taking my stand, and I won’t back down again
No, I won’t back down again

Verse 4
I’ve given up on postcard dreams
Picturesque, but they don’t mean a thing
They’re so fake, unreal,
They promise the moon, while they lie and steal
I’m wise to the game, I know too much
They can say what they want, but I’ve already moved on
I’m on, my way, I’m breaking through to the light of a brighter day

Verse 5
Chin up, set yourself free
You’re on your way, you’re not missing a thing
But - don’t say it didn’t hurt you
You cared too much, now you couldn’t care less
But we bleed, when we’re cut
You felt the sting, but it didn’t go deep
Still - you showed, your heart
Don’t look now, but what comes around goes around
You’re free, you’re off the merry-go-round

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