Pangyo YOUTH ON FIRE 13~15Y

Worship Time

10:00 am
Education Hall

Vision & purpose

The name of the Lord’s Church youth group is "Youth on Fire." Our purpose is to lead the young generation to meet Jesus so that they live as teenagers already decided to give their lives to Jesus as His disciples unlike the worldly youth who are confused about their values and live without purpose or direction. We pray that the youth will burn with love and passion for Christ, and that they will arise to have Christ's influence in their generation.

Direction of education (Change through the truth)

"Worship that encounters God"

Life change happens when we encounter God, not by logical explanation. The transforming holy fire will come upon their lives when they encounter the living God by worshiping Him in the Holy Spirit (anointing) and the Truth (revelation).

01. Proclamation of the word
Nowadays, the young generation is living in a culture and education based on postmodernism. However, God's word is the only way to lead us to eternal life. The word of God is piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and it is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart The most important priority in ministering to the youth in our generation is to lead them through a radical change and repentance through God's word. The power of the Gospel is more than enough to break the bonds of the worldly values and renew the minds of youth. The power of God will empower them to live the born-again life,’ desiring holiness and truth.
02.The Bible study for knowing God
We put high priority on studying the Bible. It is very important for youth to discern the difference between biblical values and worldly values. This begins with knowing Jesus. Through the Bible study, they will learn the kerygma of the Gospel, the character of Jesus Christ and biblical values. This will lead them to grow as youth who are able to discern this generation with God's word.
03. The spiritually protected community
The Youth on Fire exist as a community of teachers and youth. Our teachers serve our students with the heart of a "loving father" rather than a ”teacher teaching knowledge". Every one of our teachers has the awareness of being a shepherd. We pray for the children, love them and discipline them in love. Our children will experience spiritual provision and protection in their spiritual need and crisis. If our youth are well nurtured and are under the spiritual protection of the church community, they will grow as the next revival community and will arise as the spiritual leaders of the next generation.