Worship Time

Various for each cell group

Cell group worship has weekly meetings for each cell centered on the core values of the Lord's Church;

worship, God's Word, prayer, fellowship, and ministry. It is time to lift up God through worship, to share grace and testimony focusing on the Word of the Lord, and to enrich life through fellowship among saints.

How good and good it is that brothers live together in unity Ps. 133: 1

In the cell group worship,

  • There is life.

    It is time to strengthen our soul every week through the Word, prayer, and worship.

  • There is love.

    There is love that intercedes for each other and rejoices together when you are happy and comforts each other when you are sad.

  • There is fellowship.

    People of various ages, such as couples, workers, students, etc., are harmoniously blended in the Lord and share various and informative fellowships.